World Radio TV Handbook 2014

World Radio TV Handbook 2014: The Directory of Global Broadcasting
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In the 68th edition of WRT Handbook, this great directory continues to offer the most comprehensive guide to broadcasting on the planet. Completely revised and updated, this new edition is the most accurate guide to national and international SW, MW, and FM broadcasting available. The World Radio TV Handbook is divided into a number of sections covering numerous topics, from National Radio – which looks at the world’s domestic radio services, listed by country and including contact details, to International Radio – featuring full facts about all broadcasters transmitting internationally; and from Television Broadcasts – which details the world’s main national broadcasters and large regional networks to frequency lists of all MW and international and domestic SW broadcasts. Also included in this revised edition is a reference section that contains listings of international and domestic transmitter sites, standard time and frequency transmissions, DX Club information, as well as other essential print and electronic resources.